Cute Styles For Your Hair Extension

Cute Styles For Your Hair Extension

Hair extensions are little attachments used to support your hair by making the hair longer and voluminous. It comes in different colors which enables you to choose the perfect color for your hair.

Hair extensions are ideal for every hair but most people are a bit confused on how to style their hair to prevent the extensions from showing, and it is also important for you to know the style that works for your type of hair extension you have installed. The clip-ins type of extension is better because it goes with any style you want, so here are few styles you could make do with while using your hair extensions


To get that perfect bun, brush your hair up into your desired position, then use a band to gather your hair into a ponytail, you can use hair clips or spray to make the hair firm and put together loosed hair, after getting the perfect position for your bun, you wrap the other part of your ponytail around the band to get your perfect bun and you're good to go.


The ponytail is a friendly style for hair extensions as it is packed up and the tip let loose, the style makes you comfortable and it fits whatever you wear. With your hair extension attached to your hair, this style fits perfectly. The ponytail can be worn either high or low and your ponytail can also be braided without many efforts and this style is clip-ins which also enhances your facial features. This look can be achieved without heat also.

 Loose Wave

This look is easy to achieve and it saves time also, with the use of the right products and tools, this look will be easy to obtain and flow just the way you want it. With your hair extension attached to your hair, making your hair look longer and voluminous than normal, you can always wear your hair down in waves. Braid your hair including the extensions attached to it, you can sleep with it and by morning when the braid is loosed the hair will come down in waves or with the use of a curling wand you can create an instant waves texture which you can rock well to any event. The curling wand should not be heated to much as the excess heat can end up frying your hair.

 Half up/Half down

If you want to achieve the half up/half down style which is suitable for hair extensions, you have to blend your extensions properly with your hair after attaching it then part your hair in two sections, pack one side up and let the other side down and your style is perfect for any occasion. This look can be achieved without the use of heat which makes it better or you can still add a little heat to get curls for the other half-down. This look can still be enhanced by adding a braid at the top center of your head.

 Wavy Bob

Cut your hair into a slight pattern of bob after attaching your hair extension and the extension should be longer at the front and shorter at the back. You can actually cut your extensions longer than you want your bob to be so you can easily re-shape and give it the style you desire. Brush out your hair to remove any tangle and you can also use a clipper to trim the hair in order to avoid uneven strands, then you use a thonging machine to curl the tip of your hair to give it the perfect bob shape.

   Hair extensions are very convenient and can help you create a look that saves time. Since we all want to always change our looks even without having to go to the stylist, with hair extensions, one can easily change styles. You can always keep your hair extension new by changing the styles differently all the time.

With the different styles listed above, you can conveniently get creative with your look and give uniqueness to your appearance. Just start by styling your hair with these few styles that are easy, creative and fun to do. If you want to get the best hair extensions to try out any of this amazing styles, you can be sure that we have got you covered at keziah hair extensions and with the variety that we have displayed, so do check them out and make your order right away.